Monica Taylor for Delaware County Council


Bringing Real, Progressive Change to Delaware County


Delaware County Needs a New Voice

For too long, career politicians throughout Delaware County have ignored their constituents. Many Delaware County families are working harder and struggling to get ahead, while politicians seem to have lost interest in their constituents’ lives, in creating real jobs, in providing healthcare, and in educating our young people.

Monica comes from a family founded on hard work, perseverance, and service to others. She is running for Delaware County Council because she knows that communities are strongest when we value economic prosperity while caring for the most vulnerable members of our community. She is ready to listen to her community and work for the people in the county. 


Monica believes in…

hardworking families

Monica is committed to creating protections for hardworking families, including equal pay and a livable wage, affordable child care, and paid family leave.

the working class

As a working class candidate, Monica knows the concerns facing communities within Delaware County. She is ready to bring your issues and concerns to the table as a voice for the people.

logic and compassion

Monica is ready to bring logic, compassion, and reason to policy making in the county, ensuring that an evidence-based approach is used to tackle problems.


Let’s talk.

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